Let Me Listen

Now let me listen to your stories!

You have any stories to share? Is it interesting, heartbreaking, motivating, hilarious, so-random-to-not-be-shared? I’m interested in listening.

Let Me Listen® is actually a bigger project that I want to work on in the future. Some people have stories, but no one to tell them to. They wanted to let it all out, but they’re staying in a circle where people don’t give an eff. Sometimes it’s too much for them to handle and hence their condition worsen. This may even result in depression.

Let it all out here! Let me listen. If you need a response, I will. If you want me to just listen, I will. If you want to cry on my shoulder, I will try to be there for you. I will listen.

Submit your stories here. It could stay anonymous if you wanted. Stories would only be posted if we got two Yeses from both you and me.