About S.S.S.

Talking is not only my way of communicating but could also be considered as my hobby. I love sharing my stories with others. Once, I was eating with my friends at a restaurant. We went to different colleges, hence I told them about mine over lunch. I paused for a gulp of drink only to realize that everyone has finished their meal while mine was only two bites eaten.

Everyone has their own stories. Something trivial to one might be abnormal or unique to another. While Malaysians are tired of rain and flood, the Egyptians might even travel all the way here to experience the touch of raindrops on their hands. Hence, everyone is expected to share their stories here.

MS: My Stories

This would be the space for me to share my stories, journey, experiences, and even perspectives on any issues. Expect transparency, unveiled hidden stories, and words rarely used as descriptions.

YS: Your Stories

Any stories shared with me will be posted here under the owner’s consent. You may do so by emailing me any stories in store, that you have kept for too long, that you need to see other’s view on but too scared to reveal not-anonymously. Here is the way, the space for such stories.

BR: Book Review

I am quite an avid reader, or at least, I read. In stead of just getting an ‘at-the-moment’ kind of feelings and sensation from the book, they might as well be kept for a longer term here. Besides reviewing and also reflecting on what I read, I might as well benefit potential readers to get a peek of what to expect. However, fret not as there won’t be spoilers.

OL: Open Letter

Through this project, I aim to reach to a certain group and deliver messages from everyone else to them. While some could easily confront others and convey their thoughts and feelings, most of us don’t. OL is created to cater this problem. Even if the message ain’t delivered to the one it was meant for, it might be meaningful to others. Some might even found out that others had it harder.

All in all, Stories Sharing Space would be a future platform of self-help, entertainment and hopefully resourceful to readers and followers.

Thanks for stopping by!