About S.S.S.

Talking is not only my way of communicating but could also be considered as my hobby. I love sharing my stories with others. Once, I was eating with my friends at a restaurant. We went to different colleges, hence I told them about mine over lunch. I paused for a gulp of drink only to realize that everyone has finished their meal while mine was only two bites eaten.

Everyone has their own stories. Something trivial to one might be abnormal or unique to another. While Malaysians are tired of rain and flood, the Egyptians might even travel all the way here to experience the touch of raindrops on their hands. Hence, everyone is expected to share their stories here.

MS: My Stories

This would be the space for me to share my journey, experience, perspective on an issue.

YS: Your Stories

Any stories shared with me will be posted here under the owner’s consent. The source could choose to stay anonymous.

TS: Their Stories

This would be the space where I’ll write up on other people. It could be public figures or even your hair engineer (barber).

All in all, Stories Sharing Space would be a future platform of self-help, entertainment and hopefully resourceful.