Assembly was organized in turns between classes back then in my highschool. When it was my class’ turn, I brought upon the idea of playing an inspirational song at the end of the assembly every morning. It had never been done. Then, the most dumpster-worthy question filled the air, “why?” “WHY NOT?”, answered effingme.

That was way too harsh, sorry. ‘Why’ is a wonderful question actually. It challenges the mind to find reasonings, goals, objectives. Without whys, it’s like driving forward at night on a dark road. No visible destination. But our scarced resources are at expense. However, wouldn’t it be fun to drive on dark roads, at times? Just like how the movie  ‘Midnight Special’ started off! Well, life is about diversity, they say. YOLO, they say. Why bother the consequences then? Sometimes, your intuitions are worth followed. Those sometimes seems like all the times for me. Hence the answer “WHY NOT?”

Speaking of highschool, my highschool’s uniform is exactly, 96.3%-exactly, a copy of a local flight company’s stewards’ uniform. The only difference being our school tie, our vest’s rear cutting and clothing materials of course. Ours were of genius-material. The colours of both pants and shirts are of even the same shade. In a glance, no one could hardly tell any difference.

10032017, 7:07 a.m., a wild idea crawled out of my already wild mind while I was rummaging through my wardrobe picking out my flight outfit. “Why don’t I wear my school’s uniform, huh?” I then posted the tweet below.


Fortunately, I got more than intended.

Well, you read that right. I was very fortunate. But goodness gracious, do you think that I was hoping for it not to reach the target retweets and abort the mission? It was totally the antithesis. Why else would I put the target so little then? (Because I’m not famous? Yes.) Another truth would be, I was avoiding any room of awkwardness if I were to undergo an uncalled for dare. I ironed my untouched school uniforms soon after the tweet was posted.

Oh, and this dare tweet was my excuse when anyone questioned my sober level. Not many in their right-mind would be doing this. I instantly looked three years younger once the uniform was neatly on. That’s how long I’ve left school. If only I was one foot taller, I’d look like an undoubtedly promising steward just as well. With that, I entered the flight. The steward and stewardess greeted us passengers once we were on board.  Effing chills caught me. They gave me one top-to-bottom eye scan. I went to find my seat. Well, I’ve fulfilled my dare right? I went on board with the uniform, just as planned, as promised, as tweeted. But what was this void in my heart? Why’s my satisfaction bar yet to be filled? Then I heard, what this heart truly screamed for.

One hour seven minutes later, the plane landed safely. Is it called landed because it’s on the land? What if it was the emergency landing on the sea? Sead? Oceaned? Watered? *insert curses here* 

Despite having one of the front rows, I waited. I stared too. I positioned my sight directly on the stewardess’ eyes. Once our gaze met. I smiled and gave a friendly nod. One tourist held down the queue at the back as he was taking down his luggage from the upper compartment. I saw my opportunity there and then. I made my way towards the stewardess.

“Excuse me miss, as you might have noticed, I’m having my steward costume on today. My highschool happened to have this as our school’s uniform as well. And I was dared(see: tweet) to wear this by my friends(see: followers). Would it be okay for me to have a photo as a proof?” This was when the tweet came in handy you see. I had my excuse made up beforehand. It was more conversation like tho, not one paragraph-long-question like this. “Sure, why not? Your dreams made true today, huh? Let’s wait for everyone to leave first.” I caught a glance of my reflection on my iPad and instantly understood the idiom – grinning ear to ear – almost literally.

The stewardess was standing before me, wishing the passengers goodbyes. My opportunistic self immediately saw his chance. I put down my bags, stood straight up, chin perpendicular to the body, smile perfectly curved and recited the enchanting spell, “Thank you.” Then, then, there’s a lady, she looked into my eyes, smiled rather sincerely and casted the spell back at me and I was enchanted as she said “thank you, sir.” Overwhelmed was an understatement for my emotions at that moment. I was at the urge of tears.

The wait was longer than I anticipated, I was worried the stewardess might have forgotten her promise prior. “Calling all cabin crew to the aisle.” I pinched myself as the announcement was made by the lady. This was not a dream. It’s one of the rare events when it actually came true. The pilot came out of the cockpit, and I thought to myself, I owed him my life. The pilot alongside his co-pilots and the other stewards greeted and showered me with questions I cheerfully, gladly answered. We had our photo taken by one of the cleaners, whose work was delayed by my request. Was the next flight eventually delayed as well? Dang. I’m sorry. 

Due to their policy, I was prohibited from posting the photo online. “Or you’ll be sued!” Warned the chief steward rather playfully. I grinned. “No, I’m serious.” His smile faded before I could even manage to blink. “Sure, sir.” As I finally left the plane, the second cabin crew was already waiting outside. Their reactions when they saw me, a-foot-short-steward with his green backpack on, was priceless. I walked away proudly because #whynot?





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