MS: Time-killer

My long break does not seems to end anytime soon. Hence, more and more ‘why nots’ intruded my mind to kill away those times.

First, I started blogging. Exposing myself to the public. Sometimes it felt like running naked around a mall, where everyone is shown what they didn’t dare to ask for, neither they wanted to see at all. I continue running, neglecting the world, and let the air conditioners get the best of me, every inch of me.

Besides running metaphorically, I made myself run physically too. Only this time, I wet myself through sweat. Surprisingly, it feels much better. In 10 years time, I’m aiming to finish a full marathon. That’s long term. Before 2018, I have to finish 10km run at least. That’s my goal! Let’s do this. I even bought a running outfit and will be wearing it soon enough for a 5km run.

I even planted a plant. Except they’re not ‘a plant’, there were a whole lot of them. I brought the seedlings back from Sarawak, a month back. Only to plant them few weeks after. I thought they’re as good as dead, only that they’re not. I put dozens of them in a vase together, mixed the normal brown soil with black-burnt soil, together with two living earthworms. Thinking that I’ll be lucky enough if any of them even grow. I was surprised when two shoots emerged from the soil. Like, really surprised and touched and moved, I was almost brought to tears. I water them everyday, let them bathe under the sunlight, and kept them under the shade when it’s too hot or raining too heavily. Few days later, I realized that plants are better in survival, when all of the seeds grew shoots and roots. Now, my small vase is too crowded and they had to compete for life. My father earthed them, only that the ground is 90km away which is at my old house. I felt the emptiness like when Raya is over and all your siblings and cousins went back to their home and left you alone.

So, I started YouTube-ing. Or is it YouTubing? Explicit. Moving on… I happened to be reading quite a number of books. And once I finished, I’ll be so eager to share and just talk to somebody about it. So, why don’t I simply do a book review. At first, I wanted to write the reviews and post them here. But then I had a little thought. I’d been posting stories of my life here in form of text. So why don’t I bring the texts from those books into a video. I went to look for book reviews on YouTube to watch and learn, only to find myself listing down all the book they reviewed onto my wishlist. They are just so good and persuasive and too sincere that you couldn’t resist. There and then was I truly inspired. I set my iPad up, grabbed a book and started to shoot. It was one hella new experience. I learned how annoying I am, how boring my jokes were. I had a very good laugh. Laughing at myself. I then understand how people might have thought when I opened my mouth cause I felt like slapping myself as well. Editing was just as worst. I repeated the word ‘so’ so many times. Trying to look good, I edited like 20 of them out. For some reason, I found myself not looking into the camera most of the time. I cursed at myself. I completed the editing the whole evening only to reshoot everything from scratch the next day.

Well, my fundamental reason for making the video as well as writing this blog, is but to improve my English. By writing one, I started reading others’. Same goes to YouTube. I started to watch more book reviews and learn their way of explaining the books without giving spoilers. Their wide range of vocabs and technical jargon usage, made me realized that I am no close to be as good, but must surely start by now.

Until next time! Enjoy my video!



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