MS: Twenty-zero

It’s 2017!

Seems like the year of misery has ended, huh? However last year was, for you and me, it’s time to embark on a new journey!

I decided to write down some reflections I listed down when I was taking a train to KL. I had my earphones plugged in and even close my eyes if I happened to need a better focus. It wasn’t that hard. Should try some day. Well, here they are.

  1. Laugh off my own shortcomings.
  2. Move on with head held high.
  3. Love myself, pat my own back and say ‘Good Job!’
  4. Hatred should never be inherited.
  5. Parents are to be treated with love and respect.
  6. Encourage kids to dream, support teens to pursue them and adults to close the loop.
  7. Being at rock bottom, instead of flying straight up, take time to heal my wings.
  8. I don’t grow up and mature through my own experience, but others as well.
  9. Lessons are everywhere provided I’m willing to learn.
  10. “Only if…” removed from my dictionary.
  11. If I think I’m right, so does others.
  12. No time is worth wasted. Watch kdramas!
  13. Look only into others’ good deeds, even there’s only one.
  14. Greet people first, though it’s awkward.
  15. Be the friend who’s always there.
  16. Take public transport, phones down, look around.
  17. Others also got interesting stories, listen!
  18. Blaming others will not make me satisfied.
  19. To find the silver lining ain’t hard if my eyes are wide opened.
  20. Some people love, but their way is unconventional and unique.

This post is intentionally made short, that’s my target for upcoming posts as well, as my dear teacher once said, K.I.S.S. Keep It Short and Simple. Here’s one for you. 😘


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