MS: Reading is Fun!

I am not sure about your school but when I was still in primary, once every year a group of people, one being a magician will come and perform his/her tricks during the morning assembly. He’ll wave his magic wand and ask the kids to say the magic word for him to work his trick. “Abracadabra!” shouts everyone and POOF something came out of his hat which was prior proven to be empty or the small red ball in his palm suddely split into two, then three, then four. I wonder why four was forever his limit. I thought his magic skill will improve in the proceeding years, splitting enough balls for everyone. But nah, he failed me.

The real message that he wanted to convey each year was for the kids to read. He taught us that “Reading. Is. Fun!” complete with some gestures. There’ll then be rows of books displayed for the kids to buy. I never bought any. Why? 1. I was never informed that they’re coming prior to the event. Hence, no extra money. 2. Foods and snacks come first in my priority list. Book was then nowhere to be found.

Still remember the NILAM program? I had Gold NILAM collar pin. Did I read a lot? Nah. This is how NILAM works. You have to record your readings in the pink/blue NILAM book. The title, author, year of publish and summary of the book. Well, you can simply get most of the details from the first few pages of the book. The summary? That’s much easier, the back cover page it is. With a little diligence you’ll get the gold pin in no time. What a bad side of me exposed. Well, I at least read more than average kids at that point of time. I read more. More synopsis then anyone else. Hahaha.

I love watching movies though. I still remember watching Harry Potter on our TV back then at Tanjung Malim. Cinemas were quite of reach there. I did not read Harry Potter. Even now. There’s always conflict between the original novel and the movie. I find the movie fantastic and I don’t to ruin that later reading the novel thinking that the movie could’ve be better. Same goes to Twilight. Hunger Games however had me thinking differently.

I missed the first movie. I was still in boarding school then. I watched it later and regretted not watching it on the big screen. I promised myself to watch the rest of the series and later fulfill it. 2014, Mockingjay Part 1 wasn’t released until the end of the year. I was still in boarding school then and someone just bought all the novels in the series. As a man of principle, I chose not to read even when offered. It has always been movie or novel. Watch or read. I’ll stick to that.

One fine Saturday morning, when exam was around the corner I walked around the hostel. Exam season is always the time when all games on PlayStore seems interesting, all animes on KissAnime became must watch and all dramas on DramaCool starred even much cooler actress and actesses. And that Mockingjay novel on my friend’s table made me break my own principle.

Oh I could not forget that moment. I then completely understood why “Reading. Is. Fun!” And why it had to be a  magician the one conveying it each year. Reading is magical. My imagination started to work again. I could see another world. When I was reading Mockingjay, I was in Panem. I was amongst thousands other people at the underground of District 13, then made my way together with Katniss and the rest to the Capitol. I shouted hundreds of no’s when Katniss threw off the bomb and said ‘night lock night lock night lock.’ Never had I thought that reading could gave me so much of sensations and such adrenaline rush. I changed my perspective on reading completely. I questioned myself and regretted it so much for not reading earlier.

There were three parts of Mockingjay but it was made into two for the film. I did watch both of them. It was not disappointing. They did a great job. I found out that I didn’t really care how the movie ends up like. Well, that’s the outcome of the movie team creativity and imagination. Mine might be different and I’m cool with that. Why should I expect the producer to produce a film exactly like what I imagined it to be? If it turned out to not meet my expectation, why should I be mad? It’s no one’s loss. Watching and reading bring different pleasures to me.

I started reading more ever since. Let me list them out. Maybe I can make new friends with common interest then. I already have a few.

  • The Selection series. Selection, Elite, One, Heir, Crown. I learned a lot about women from this series. Hahaha. When I asked my sister why America was acting this way and so hard to be understood. She simply said “I completely understand her. That’s us. Ladies.”
  • The School for Good and Evil series. They are the best novels I’ve read so far and will always be my favorite. It will soon be a major picture from Universal Pictures. Can’t wait! To put it simply, the schools are where princes, princesses, and witches came from. What happened if one failed the school or not being able to meet the requirements? What happened after Happily ever After?
  • Some futuristic novels with time travelling and its butterfly effects. Fearsome Dreamer, Mind Games, Hungry. There’s one thing in common in all these novels. In the future world, everyone would have to just stay on the couch, connect themselves to nutrients source, log into the cyber world, and do everything there. From school to sex. No crime, no disease, no STD’s and no life. There’ll then be one rebel amongst them. Or someone who suddenly found out another function of mouth besided speaking which is eating. They’ll then fight for a normal world.
  • I read some classics as well. To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, The Bell Jar. Thy, thee, thou, etc. To Kill a Mockingbird is beautiful. So much emotions. I even cried when the Black guy lost his trial. I really wanted to buy the prequel but I’ve heard of not so nice story behind the production of that book.
  • I was introduced to Cherub series last year. Spy. Children spies. Investigation. Mystery. They are totally my jam. I ended up buying all books in the series during last Big Bad Wolf. Hunting for all 15 books wasn’t an easy task. I love Eoin Colfer‘s work as well. Airman was exceptional. I haven’t started on Artemis Fowl yet but I have all of them already.
  • I’m currently reading The Land of  Stories by Chris Colfer. I never knew that besides dancing and singing in Glee!, he could also write #1 NY TIMES BESTSELLER novels. These novels uncover the tales behind the fairy tales. I’m also waiting for Perfect, the sequel of Flawed by Cecilia Ahern; her Young Adult debut novel.

There are more. Now that I’m an avid reader, I could not help myself from buying more books even though the unread books are already piling up. BookXcess at Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya is now my favorite shop. I do judge books by their covers. And synopsis. You might have known this by now. If we happened to have same interests in books, feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below. We may even exchange books in the future. Or have a trip to book fairs?

Now, repeat after me. Reading. Is. Fun!


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