MS: Kaching $)

This is a simple side story of my last post.

Abul as a Businessman! 

There were seasons of games at school and even my neighborhood. There will be one time, where everyone play spinning tops. The kids will be playing in the classroom, during recess and even at the playground. The shops lining in front of the school would be selling them in different colors and shapes, alluring all kids in. Everyone, everywhere would be playing the same thing and you’d feel left out if you don’t have one.

Suddenly the season changed. New games would be played, new toys would be sold. Once, people started playing with their erasers. Wrestling Erasers. Rubber Sumo. Was the name of the game. The aim was to flip your eraser until theirs is on top of the opponent’s to be considered as a winner. The one who wins, take the eraser home. There were few versions of the rules though.

That was when I saw my opportunity to take advantage of the kids. I would be the first to line up at the school’s mart during recess. I bought few dozens of erasers which cost 20 cents each. I kept in a metallic box. When I saw people playing the Wrestling Erasers, I’ll make sure to be nearby and have my stock ready. When one is out of erasers, I immediately put up my selling booth where my erasers were nicely arranged according to size. The small one, with letters from A-Z with animal pictures with the same initials on it, priced 30 cents. The bigger one, with the ‘better chance of winning’, would be 50 cents. The scented ones would cost them RM1 each. Trust me, they bought it. It was not long before the disciplinary teacher took action and took all of our erasers away. Don’t worry, I’ve earned my profit by then.

I also sold the prizes I got from scoring highest in particular subjects. I am grateful. Do not get me wrong. But there were too much of them. There were half a dozen of files, boxes of color pencils, several pencil cases, tons of notebooks. They will either be stacked in my shelf or gained me extra pocket money. Of course I’d choose the later.

The dumbest thing I’d sold and the kids had bought was whistles. They were not even proper whistles. They were the ones at the bottom of the candy-filled-flags. Whn you took out the whistle, you’ll get to enjoy the candy inside. The flag was sold in front of the school in August, obviously. It was typical for schools to hold the Decorating Class with Flags Contest in conjunction with the Merdeka celebration. The classes were then filled wih flags, and mostly those with the whistles.

My eyes went Kaching $) again. This time, it would be of zero cost. My returns would be solely profit. I waited for a moment for everyone to leave after the last bell rang. I picked all the whistles out of the flags, some had bitten marks, some smelled like saliva, some still have candies inside the flag. I’m really against food wastage. Guess what I did! *insert your imagination here*. I washed all the whistles thoroughly, chose only the good ones and sold them the next morning for 20 cents each.

Before you think any worse of me, please continue reading. I chose a proper way of doing business when I went to secondary school. I joined the Entrepreneur Club, appointed as the CEO, set up proper booth every weekends and during any school’s occasion, and improved my skills for the greater good. No more taking advantage from the poor souls. Wait, except once. You know that Maggi is almost a staple food for hostel kids right? One bag costs around RM6 with 5 smaller packs in it. One boy was once out of stock, he went round and round but no one had any to offer. He knocked on the wrong door when he came for me. Being a monopoly, when demand was high but supply was perfectly inelastic, I charged him RM5 for one packet.

Kaching $)



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